The Model S Key Fob

The keys that comes with the Model S are super slick, shiny and shaped like the car. There are no obvious buttons, nothing pops of it and you don’t use it to start the Model S.  It senses when you are near the car and the door handles will glide out from the door panels.

Fob Pictogram


The fob has some cool features. Press the front of the key twice and the front trunk, frunk, opens. Press the back of the key twice and the trunk or hatch opens/closes. One press on the top middle and the car locks. You can also open the charge port by pressing and holding the rear of the key.

It’s so cool you’re kind of left wondering what you will do with it. If you toss it in you pocket or purse it will become scratched by the other things there, like regular keys you need during the day. There is a small slot on the underneath side at the tip of the Tesla T, but it’s too small to attach a normal key ring to.

The perfect solution is to buy an inexpensive cloth flash drive sleeve holder with an attached key ring. Easily found and in various colors. I use the Case Logic brand model USB-201. An aftermarket company was selling them for a while with the Tesla logo imprinted on them, but apparently they did not get permission from Tesla to use the trademark and had to take them down from the site.

Fob and Holder

The fob is powered by a battery but Tesla has built in a backup system in case you are away from home and your fob battery goes dead. Simply place the key on the passenger side windshield and the car will unlock. To start and drive your Model S with a dead battery, place it in the cup holder armrest.

Some Model S owners got key covers free from Tesla Motors either on delivery of their car or at a service visit. I didn’t get those but I did get two heavy duty standard key chains. Red with a silver Tesla T. They’re in a drawer.


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