Safety Software Update v5.8.4 from Tesla

We’ve all heard about the Model S fires from publisher after publisher. New technology is held to a higher standard and that’s fine. Soon after the fires Tesla began releasing a software update that no longer instructs the car to lower itself at highway speeds to reduce drag for cars that have the active air suspension option. I’ve heard some talk that in January 2014 there will be way to over ride that, but it’s unconfirmed.

Today Tesla pushed another update to my Model S, this one is v5.8.4. Here is the description of the new feature taken with my iPhone from my car’s touchscreen.

Charging Update

This is potentially a response to a November 15th (my birthday) fire in the garage of a Model S owner in Irvine, CA. The cause seems to have been cause by an overheated wall charging system.

Tesla has the ability to monitor log files on each and every car. The Model S is continuously connected to the Internet and provides data back to Tesla about the cars performance and stability. This is similar to your computer being monitored by the software maker. That’s how they know to push you what updates your particular computer may need.

Tesla reviewed the log files of the Irvine Model S and found the charging cycles to be normal, with no unusual changes or incidents with the battery or charging system.

This is another example of how Tesla is ahead of most other car companies. When most car companies deliver the vehicle to the consumer, there is very little the makers can do adjust that particular car’s design. It must be either handled in a recall, or corrected in next year’s release. Tesla can and does make changes to each and every car based on how the vehicles are used in the wild and they do it without requiring a service visit.

They are a Silicon Valley company and move quickly based on real data received from their “on the road cars.” I love that. I feel even safer today driving my Model S.

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